Thalavady Farmers welfare

Farmers First

The division visions to attain self sufficiency in food production through enhanced agricultural productivity of agricultural commodities so as to make agriculture a sustainable and viable vocation providing livelihood support for farmers. We aim at Safeguarding the interest of farmers, ensure food and nutritional security and support Thalavady’s agricultural economy, achieve targeted growth rate for agriculture sector by successful implementation of various schemes, protect farmers from risk through risk management cover and from unfair and deceptive business practices, set up investment in agriculture, ensure the safety of agricultural products by ensuring supply of quality agricultural inputs right from the seed, conserve and protect the Thaluk’s agricultural and natural resources by promoting environmentally safe agricultural practices.

Two kumkis to be deployed to fix radio-collar on elephant in Talavadi Hills

The elephant Karuppan frequently raided the standing crops. Villagers claimed that it had killed five persons in the last one year. But, forest department officials are uncertain whether Karuppan was involved in it.